1 - 6 July 2018 | Palermo -Italy

Hotel Piazza Borsa


Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa is a luxurious 4-star hotel set in the old centre of Palermo and is the result of the merge of three adjacent buildings into one large hotel structure.
The central part of the structure used to be the convent and the large church of Mercedarian Fathers, a monastic order that enjoyed great fame and prestige in Palermo at the end of the 16th century. The monumental staircase, although partially restored over the course of the centuries, still boasts in most of its steps the now unobtainable red marble from the nearby Piana degli Albanesi.
It is hard to imagine a structure that better encapsulates the idea of “living in the centre” than the Grande Hotel Piazza Borsa.
The hotel offers 127 rooms. Each room has its own separate design and personality, but all of them aim to provide maximum comfort, from the most exclusive suite to the snuggest single room. The windows of each room offer different points of view of the constantly changing heart of the town: from the roofs of old Palermo that form a sort of a gigantic presepio, to the hustle and bustle of Piazza “Cassa di Risparmio” (Piazza “Borsa” to Palermitans). Other rooms overlook the elegant “passetti” of Palazzo Cattolica Briuccia or the cupolas and bell towers of the “town with a hundred churches”, or even the medieval Piazza San Francesco and its famous church.
Of special interest is the old cloister (about 250 sq. m), pride and joy of the Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa, which has got small lounge areas at each of its corners, so that guests can enjoy the atmosphere in comfort.

The Hotel is located in the real old centre of Palermo … A lot of the main attractions of Palermo – squares, parks, monuments, shopping streets and much more – can be found within 500 metres of the hotel.

Distance to Conference: 2,4 Km


Via dei Cartari, 18 – 90137 Palermo
Tel: +39 091 320075